If you Wake with the Stars Children's picture book

If You Wake with the Stars is a Children’s Picture Book that gives kids ideas for putting themselves back to sleep if they wake up at night. 

I wrote If You Wake with the Stars two years ago when my daughter was struggling with waking up at night.

We had just night weaned her and she was still stuck in that habit of waking up. 

Multiple times a night. 

Just when it felt like I had fallen back asleep, she would wake up and scream until we went in and put her back to bed. 

As I was lying in bed after putting her back to sleep one of those nights, the rhythm for this story popped into my head. 

Two years later, now that she sleeps through the night…

Our one-year-old son is also learning to sleep all night. 

Yep, it never ends!


As a mom, I know how frustrating and hard it can be to get our kids to sleep through the night. 

There are a ton of books offering advice on what to do: 

Let them cry it out, Bedshare, Pick up put down, and the list goes on…

If You Wake with the Stars offers a gentle approach to teaching kids how to sleep through the night. 

My goal with this book is twofold:

Help my own son learn to put himself back to sleep after we night wean him.

And, help children around the world by giving them the tools they need to sleep all night. 


Together, we can get our kids to sleep through the night!

If You Wake with the Stars gives children ideas for what to do if they wake up at night like: 

“Tuck in your stuffies,” “sing a song,” “say a prayer,” or “think of your favorite things.” 

The soothing, rhyming flow of the book is perfect for bedtime reading and helps calm children to put them to sleep.

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What People are Saying...

"By using calming imagery which purposefully promotes positive thoughts and safe feelings, If You Wake with the Stars fosters the confidence that children need to sleep independently. I recommend this carefully written children's book to any family who is working toward helping their toddler or pre-schooler sleep through the night!"
"OMG adorable! The illustrations are beautifully done with lots of kid appeal. Such a sweet way for parents and kids to talk about sleep in a way that kids understand."
Dawn Ferrera
Family Therapist
"If You Wake With the Stars is a soothing story that gives children practical strategies for falling back asleep at night. The perfect book for little ones that struggle with fears or insecurities at nighttime!"
“If You Wake with the Stars is the perfect bedtime book, especially for those who have children that wake during the night and have trouble resettling themselves. The illustrations are beautiful and my girls loved looking at them as I read. This will definitely enter our bedtime reading library!”
"If You Wake With the Stars is perfect for any child, especially those who tend to want to play in the starlight! The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and there's no doubt this book will thrill parents and children of all ages!"

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Have you read the book but want more resources?

What to Do if You Wake with the Stars Coloring Book

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Coloring Book!

Kids can make their favorite sleepytime characters come to life through the power of art. 

With the magic of markers or crayon, watch your kids be entertained for at least 10 minutes so you can grab a coffee.

Who's the Author?

Brooke Bent

Brooke Bent lives in Montana with her childhood sweetheart and two kids. She uses her degree in Spanish and English Literature to write about her life experiences. She blogs at www.BrookeBent.com  and has been published in blogs such as Scary Mommy and also in Chicken Soup for the Soul.