Brooke Bent

Brooke Bent was born in Georgia but her family migrated when she was two years old making Montana all she’s ever known. She is a life-time writer and language lover. As a young girl she would pretend to write by scribbling in her journal before she knew her letters. At the age of seven, she met the love of her life at Awana and they’ve been best friends ever since.

During high school, she got her first taste of travel in Paris and immediately fell in love with seeing new places and experiencing different cultures and languages. She also went to Costa Rica with Global Expeditions to volunteer and serve the people there. This life-changing experience motivated her to study Spanish and love people always.

In her first semester of college, she studied in Chile as an exchange student. Her first college experience was in a foreign country completely immersed in the language. She somehow miraculously managed to survive that trip (including a death-defying weekend couch surfing in Argentina) with wisdom to pass on and a host of stories to tell.

Her senior year in college, she traveled to England for a summer class studying Children’s and Young Adult Literature. Seeing Beatrix Potter’s house and the pub where C.S. Lewis and Tolkien’s writers group met (among many other literary highlights) further inspired her journey as an author.

After graduating college with a degree in Spanish and English Literature, she married her childhood sweetheart and they started their family together. They live in Montana with their two kids and hope to add to their family through fostering and adoption. She loves to write about life through the lens of motherhood. Brooke spends her days caring for her children and writes between diaper changes and naptimes.

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